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AMBR’s 2021 Annual Report 

Ask anyone in the recycling industry, and they will tell you—we are in unprecedented times! Never before have we seen such a wave of public interest, activism, stakeholder engagement, and policies focused on or intersecting with recycling.

At the same time, we face ever-pressing global crises of climate change, ecosystem collapse, and toxic pollution. We are devouring and despoiling the planet at an ever-increasing pace.

To address these crises, the Alliance of Mission-Based Recyclers is working to guide new recycling policies and infrastructure investments to expand credible, transparent recycling systems that serve as a bridge toward a circular economy and just, resilient local communities.

While the Alliance of Mission-Based Recyclers (AMBR) is, organizationally, new to the table, our founding members have a long history of leadership in mission-based recycling advocacy. Our progress in 2021 was no exception.