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AMBR Release “Chasing Arrows: The Truth About Recycling”

The Alliance of Mission-Based Recyclers partnered with Emmy Award-winning Peak Plastic Foundation to set the record straight on how petrochemical and packaging industries are overwhelming and overtaxing the recycling system.


Greenpeace Report Uplifts What Recyclers See Everyday: Most Plastics Are Not Recyclable

What’s needed is a reduction of single-use packaging, investment in reuse infrastructure, and scale-up of authentic recycling solutions for plastic packaging that IS recyclable. Congratulations to Greenpeace on an excellent report, Circular Claims Fall Flat Again, which highlights an issue that we in the recycling industry deal with every day—the fact that most plastics are…


AMBR Statement on the EMF and UNEP Global Commitment 2022 Report

Last week, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the UN Environment Programme released Global Commitment 2022, an annual update report on the progress of more than 500 organizations committed to building a circular economy for plastics. The report found that while progress has been made in some areas, key 2025 targets are expected to be missed,…

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AMBR’s Platform for Improving Recycling & Reducing Plastic Consumption

Recycling reduces climate pollution and fossil fuel extraction, and is an important part of the solution to reduce plastic production and build toward a Zero Waste circular economy. 

But we cannot recycle our way out of the plastics pollution crisis. AMBR is dedicated to improving recycling policies and infrastructure investments to rebuild credible, transparent recycling systems. Our efforts are focused on the following major elements.