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We need to get toxic chemicals out of plastic packaging, not abandon recycling 

While using recycled plastic has limitations and challenges, when it’s done right, it reduces the harm of disposal and extraction of fossil fuels, and can offer significant social and environmental benefits compared to using virgin plastic resin. Much like electric cars and solar panels, recycling is a positive environmental solution, but it is not impact-free. It moves us in the right direction but has some trade-offs, and we can work to reduce those impacts while promoting the full suite of solutions to reduce plastic production and waste.

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AMBR’s 2021 Annual Report 

While AMBR is, organizationally, new to the table, our founding members have a long history of leadership in mission-based recycling advocacy. Our progress in 2021 was no exception.


AMBR Advocates for Producer Responsibility in Colorado on PBS

AMBR cofounder Eco-Cycle recently took to PBS to explain why Colorado’s recycling rate is so poor and what we can do to fix it. One answer: producer responsibility policy.