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AMBR Releases “Chasing Arrows: The Truth About Recycling”

The Alliance of Mission-Based Recyclers partnered with Emmy Award-winning Peak Plastic Foundation to set the record straight on how petrochemical and packaging industries are overwhelming and overtaxing the recycling system.

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EPR Policy: Risk or Opportunity for Recyclers? 

Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging policies can increase and improve recycling, yet the recycling industry has been hesitant to embrace it. To address recyclers’ concerns and design a robust, successful Producer Responsibility policy for packaging, recyclers must be included from the start in policy design.  Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policies for containers, packaging, and printed…


AMBR Submits Letter on Strategies for Reducing Plastic Waste to Senate Environment and Public Works Subcommittee

On January 5, 2022, AMBR submitted a letter on waste management and reducing plastic waste to Senator Merkley, Chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Subcommittee. A copy of the letter is included below. Dear Senator Merkley, We appreciate your leadership on issues related to addressing the plastic pollution crisis, including your lead sponsorship…


Greenpeace Report Uplifts What Recyclers See Everyday: Most Plastics Are Not Recyclable

What’s needed is a reduction of single-use packaging, investment in reuse infrastructure, and scale-up of authentic recycling solutions for plastic packaging that IS recyclable. Congratulations to Greenpeace on an excellent report, Circular Claims Fall Flat Again, which highlights an issue that we in the recycling industry deal with every day—the fact that most plastics are…