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Why is Recycling Plastics More Difficult than Any Other Material?

The US recycles less than 6% of plastics annually. Plastic bottles, such as soda bottles and milk jugs, are the most widely recyclable plastics, yet less than 30% of these plastics are recycled each year. The sad truth is most plastic products and packaging end up in landfills, incinerators, or litter in our environment. 

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AMBR’s National Coordinator Testifies to Congress on Recycling Solutions

AMBR’s National Coordinator and Eureka Recycling Co-President, Lynn Hoffman, testified to the House Committee on Environment and Climate Change on potential solutions to fix America’s recycling system.

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Where Do Your Recyclables Go?

Ever wonder what happens to your recyclable material? Understanding how material is recycled illuminates what works well in the recycling system and where improvements, investments, and policy changes are needed to guide us toward a circular economy and a Zero Waste society.