Our Vision

Recycling to Keep Natural Resources in the Ground

AMBR envisions a world where keeping natural resources in the ground is prioritized and where we collectively work toward the elimination of waste, toxins, and pollution, and where all products are reused, refilled, recycled, or composted.

We support this vision by working to evolve recycling systems to better protect people and the planet, mitigate climate change, and strengthen communities.

Mission-Based Recyclers

Grounded in operational experience and driven by our mission, AMBR works with recyclers, manufacturers, product designers, elected officials, and communities to create systemic change. We work together to:

  • Strengthen policy to uplift systemic solutions to reduce waste and invest in future-forward recycling, including: 
    • Extended producer responsibility policies for packaging and paper; 
    • Deposit return systems (also called bottle bills or bottle deposit policies); 
    • Minimum recycled content standards; and 
    • National investments in recycling infrastructure; 
  • Radically increase recapture and recycling rates for all materials able to be authentically recycled;
  • Reduce plastic pollution by phasing out unnecessary, toxic, and problematic plastics and refuting false solutions; and 
  • Raise standards for recycling operations to incorporate social, environmental, and health impacts.

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