Strengthen State & National Policy

Recycling is an essential and necessary part of a circular economy, but changes are needed. AMBR works to ensure that the policy changes implemented today are systemic solutions, not band-aids, that truly create a bridge toward a more just and sustainable economy.

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Rebuilding Recycling while Prioritizing Waste Reduction

The time has come for sweeping policy changes: Voluntary brand commitments and more consumer education will not deliver the systemic changes needed to rebuild our recycling system to be truly circular.

There is an unprecedented level of state and federal policy action to rebuild our recycling system. State and national policies must address the short-term need to sustain existing recycling programs while also charting the course to fundamentally revamp our resource management system to create a closed-loop economy.

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Recycling policies cannot overshadow the need for massive investment in innovative new ways to package and deliver goods to reduce our overall consumption.

AMBR works to ensure recycling and composting are used only when necessary and when they can be truly circular.

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Policy changes are needed to rebuild transparent recycling systems that serve as a bridge toward a circular economy.

AMBR's vision for an authentic recycling system

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Minimum Recycled Content Standards

We support requirements to use more recycled content across all packaging types to improve the economics of recycling and reduce the carbon footprint of products.

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Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

We help usher in the transition to a producer-funded recycling system based on integrity and accountability, and designed to optimize the environmental, community and local economic benefits of recycling.

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Bottle Deposit Policy

We support bottle deposit policies as the only proven method to recover a high percentage of beverage containers and drive closed-loop recycling.

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Recycling Bins

National Recycling Policy

We work to rebuild the U.S. recycling system while underscoring the need for investments in waste reduction and reuse as priority strategies.