Raising Standards for Recycling Operations

AMBR members started some of the first recycling programs in the U.S. and still collectively manage thousands of tons of products and packaging for recycling each day. We use our facilities and programs to demonstrate high environmental and social standards in recycling operations.

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Recycling Right for Equity and Climate Justice

Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) form the backbone of the U.S. recycling system.

MRF contracting and operations are a critical focus point for rebuilding the U.S. recycling stream to restore trust, improve labor conditions and ensure materials are truly being recycled.

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AMBR believes that recycling operations must use metrics beyond profit to measure their success. MRFs must protect workers with fair labor practices, strive for highest and best use of materials, and employ ethical marketing standards to ensure materials are actually being recycled.

As MRF operators, we strive for those principles in our operations and share our experiences and other best practices to educate and challenge others within the industry to adopt higher environmental and social standards in MRF operations around the U.S.

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Recycling operations must build transparency, prioritize material recovery, and advance equity for workers and local communities.

AMBR advances standards for MRF operations by promoting:

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Ethical Marketing of Recyclables

We seek to demonstrate and document ethical standards for marketing recyclables that define highest-and-best use, prioritize closed-loop recycling, and support greater transparency and accountability.

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Contracting Best Practices

We advocate for and share model contract language for MRF operators and local governments to integrate mission-driven values into daily MRF operations.

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Triple Bottom Line Performance Metrics

We measure success beyond just profit to include contamination rates, recovery rates and more.

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Worker Safety

We uphold and support operational and cultural practices that put workers first and seek to maximize safe, effective and equitable working conditions.